Wir verkaufen die Innersound Handpan weltweit.
Hier einige Danksagungen.


i have never been happier. thankyou so much for your hospitality. i hope to soon have a complimenting scale side by side with this beauty. then the true magic will begin. DANKE!!


Wanting to sprea?d the light of your ?creation!?

Hi !
Finally my innersound has arrived!
sounds amazing, thanks so much i will be recommending this to lots of people!

Thank you

the handpan arrived today, very fast delivery! It is beautiful, thankyou so much, its a true work of art. I will be sure to recommend you to others. Again, thankyou for all your help, I am a very happy customer.
T. B.

I can't thank you enough for your service :)
Sending good vibes your way



Waaah! Thats sounds amazing, thank you so mush! Cant wait, I see you soon!


Good evening M.,
I knew that if I contacted you it would arrive! We are very happy with our innersound, very well tuned and quite a different sound from a Hang or Halo.
Thanks again,
J. and G.

I received the handpan yesterday ! Thank you very much, it sounds wonderful !!

want to buy... beautiful intense sound... namaste,

First of all ... congrats on achieving such blissful might sound a little over exaggeration but innersound is the only stel pan after hang which has really touched me from inside.. Its sound made me travel within myself... where there were no boundaries... no language... no thought... no limit ...

I experienced immense freedom ...

I live india and have been practicing yoga for few years now ... the sound really got me in the same intensity as yoga does....

I would really want to buy one innersound...
Let me know how long will it take ...

Infinite blessings and love...